How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

In recent years contemporary market research has shown us that the marketing industry has undergone revolutionary changes and major shifts in direction. Marketing campaigns are moving away from print media and focusing more and more on the digital world. Web content, videos posted online, email marketing – these are just some of the ways products and services are promoted these days. And among the many digital marketing approaches currently used, Facebook marketing is one of the most cost effective. Here are some Facebook Marketing tips from the pros at Viral Media Boost and the marketing department from this UK based social media company that you should consider to take your business to new heights.

Some may see Facebook only as a social media platform. In reality, it is a global marketplace just waiting to be tapped into. There are three major factors why Facebook marketing is so popular. First of all, Facebook has a global reach. Second, there are currently more than 1 billion active daily users on Facebook. Third, signing up for a Facebook account is absolutely free. In short, it’s a free marketing tool that enables entrepreneurs to reach out to more than a billion potential customers all over the world.

UK marketer and SMM expert Graeme Winchester who handles the marketing for numerous businesses including this assisted living chicago based service notes “Facebook is aware of its own value to entrepreneurs. Thus, they came up with tools to support businesses. Entrepreneurs can create a Facebook page for their business or products.”

Mark Mason runs the marketing for a fixed seating company and these roll compactor manufacturers notes “More than just a home for their business, Facebook also allows entrepreneurs to create ads. Website, page, or even promotions are just some of the ways entrepreneurs can advertise their business on Facebook.”

Lindsey Smith runs the marketing for these Viral Media Boost and also Evolvmd notes “One big advantage Facebook marketing offers is that it allows entrepreneurs to build their audience network. How it works is quite simple. After creating an ad on Facebook, these ads can be shown or posted on websites and apps that are outside Facebook, through the Facebook Audience Network tool. Thus, from a single page, an entrepreneur can introduce his products and services to millions of Facebook users all over the world. That’s the power of Facebook marketing.”

Peter Olson runs the marketing for this led tape store and this bathroom radiators site and notes “Creating ads or pages is not the only way to maximize Facebook for any business. Another way is to use content, photos, or videos on Facebook that will encourage other users to like and follow – content that will build a following. This may take some photography and basic video recording skills, but the effort is worth it. After all, Facebook marketing makes it possible to introduce your business to a global audience.”

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